We’re fighting back against corporate propaganda.

For over a century, corporations have bought major political outcomes through the shrewd use of propaganda.

Anthem Labs is using similar methods to give power back to the people.


Buying Democracy

Since the birth of the public relations industry in the early 20th century, corporations have controlled public opinion.

Anthem Labs is fighting fire with fire.

Combining PR-industry techniques with agile, software-focused methods, Anthem Labs is waging war against corporate propaganda.

Pursuing long-term goals

Instead of spending massive sums of money on short-term electoral goals, Corporations fund long-term, year-round PR campaigns designed to permanently change public attitudes. Along these lines, Anthem Labs seeks to…

  • Frame the debate

  • Move the Overton window

  • Highlight important research

Empathizing with our audience

Although progressive publications have been covering corporate propaganda for years, this finger-wagging, self-righteous approach doesn’t have much of an effect of public opinion. To really change minds, we…

  • Appeal to our audience’s moral framework (not ours)

  • Use appropriate distribution channels

  • Produce entertaining, shareable, and memorable content

Executing with agility

Propaganda is an arms race—techniques that work are copied until the public learns to ignore them. To succeed in this rapidly-changing landscape, Anthem Labs will…

  • Experiment often

  • Measure outcomes precisely

  • Leverage technology to expand reach and keep costs down

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